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the movie "the break up"

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why does Hwood market movies as comedy that arent?? They did this with "in good company" also. I dont get it. These are not comedy,not even remotely close.
This movie mirrors my first year of marriage. Full tilt war. But very boring.
It was not my idea to see this movie, I wanted to see xmen, but I lost. thats marriage.

The downside of compromising, eh?
if it's any consolation, I saw X-men 3 the other night, and it definitely wasn't worth the £7(plus assorted popcorn and ice-cream related expenses)...even Halle Berry didn't look her usual gorgeous self  :)

...and just as an aside, kelsey grammer's character...and his super- powers were what, exactly? being blue and hairy and able to jump??


.....ha,ha,now I know why you are such a crank Jake. You are soooo p.w. If anyone needs a definition ask a married guy. My rule of thumb about movies these days....they are usually ten times worse than the previews. Don't believe the hype.



I haven't seen "The Break Up" and don't really intend to....
I did see the X-Men's new movies and although it was a little anti-climatic
after all the hype...  I did enoy it!  Poor Jack...........
Marriage can be a bitch sometimes, huh Buddy? ::)


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