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Haart Therapy reduces the risk of natural conception in couples with HIV.


The researcher is Dr.del Romero, from Clínica Sandoval, where I was first diagnosed. (Where the nurse told me "we have got bingo").
It is very interesting because it does not use sperm wash...

This is the transalation of one paragraph:
A recent study of the group of Jorge of the Romero, published in magazine AIDS, confirmed the effectiveness of the antiviral therapy in the prevention of the transmission of the virus in serodiscordantes couples. His work demonstrated that the strict pursuit of the therapy reduced the transmission risk. "In principle, if [ is no viral load amount of VIH in blood and semen ], there is no infection", it explains Pablo Barreiro, of the hospital Carlos III. Nevertheless, the three specialists want to emphasize that risk zero does not exist, "although it is very below 1%", assures Leal.


Sorry if I'm being thick but was this article suggesting that the chance of transmission from unprotected intercourse is less than 1% with effective HAART therapy?

As encouraging as that may be, I almost wish they wouldnt publish statistics like that as I expect it will only encourage unprotected sex and cause additional infections, albeit 1 out of every 100 times.

Yes. That is what it says, but it also adds other things to take into consideration. So unprotected sex should only take place under medical control.


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