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Taking time off for a few weeks

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Good luck will all the things u have to do around your farm. Sounds like you will be busy busy. Dont overdo it. Take care of yourself.
Just getting to know you...i will miss you!


Shit Jan, you remember what happened the last time you took a hiatus?


Be good to yourself girl!

Love you,


Jan, I miss you already  >:(

I know you have to take care of all the animals, that's important.   We'll be here when you are able to return.

Love & hugs,

Alan (who finds it so weird that it is WINTER where Jan lives; it is almost 100 degrees here today)

Hi Sweetie!!

Well, boo hoo. I guess we'll just have to make due without your lovely posts until your chores are done!

Like Alan, I'm missing you already, honey, but I understand...what, with all your babies depending on you and all, that's what it's all about!

Soon, though, we'll be in Montreal, laughing up a storm, stayin' up real late, trying to make the most of EVERY SECOND!!

Good luck with those classes, Jan, they're lucky to have you, honey.

Til next time, lots of Love!


Well, MY halter training just took a couple of, we are talking about the same thing here, aren't we???

Oops, too much information.    ;D

Gosh, I wish you had Wi Fi in those fjords could dip your sheep and dole out loving word of support to each and every one of us simultaneously!

Will miss you, hurry back and be careful.



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