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Taking time off for a few weeks

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Hi everyone

I will be away for a few weeks, the winter is coming in and I have so much to do around the farm.
The winter feed has to be brought in and stored, which will involve a few trips over the next few days, we have to erect and reinforce some the winds breaks for the Alpacas, and their vitamin injections have to be given to see them over the winter, the goats have to be have their winter feed sorted plus the sheep have to be drenched and  checked...they are all pregnant now, also it's time to start halter training the Alpacas and that takes up to several hours a day for a couple of weeks.

I also have three talks to do before the end of July..two for the meds students and one for the local Pathology clinic, so I have a some paper work to write up on safety in the work force.

For all those who have e-mailed me please bear with me I WILL get round to replying to you all.

Take care and behave yourselves..see you all in a few weeks.

Love youall.



Good luck with all your duties Jan and let us know how things go!!!

- Cliff

Matty the Damned:
A farmer's lot is not a happy one Jan! Especially on the South Island of En Zed.

Hope to see you soon dear!

(Who has been spat on by a llama)


Well this just sucks!  I don't give a rats ass (or should I say a goats butt?) what chores/responsibilities you have to tend to.  I know I know, it can't always be about us (read me). 


(Who intends to pout for the next "few weeks".   >:(  But won't whine!)


You guys had a summer in between. We still have winter over here.
Saturday it was 48F, the coldest start of june ever recorded.....

I will think about you Jan.

Love u



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