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figured it was time i introduced myself

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Hey  Jeff,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis   I'm a newbie too.  Hopefully things will get better for us.  My doc is a female too  LOL.  She's an Infectious Disease doctor from New York City  so I hope she's right for me.  lol.. 

Hang in there bud...  I just had my 2nd set of labs drawn this past friday. 



hi thanks for the welcomes everyone. I also got a couple of private messages askin g me about the doctor in NY.  I dont know how to respond to them privately so i will just say the name of the office is Astor Medical Group and they are on Irving Pl on the lowereast side (18th st)  the gentleman from nassau county (i live on long island) ddept of health came to see me after i tested poz for multiple stds and he seemed very impressed with my choice and he said they are very good so im keeping my fingers crossed. 

Hi Bedder,

Welcome to the forums!

My hubby tested HIV+ in May and I'm HIV-. The people here are so wonderful ! I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found this site. I'm so glad that you found us!


Jeff - RENT will become your best friend as well as all of us here... BIG HUGS...  Stay away from the boozer,  might as well grow up now honey....  No day but today...

Love Angel... ;)

Well it looks like you have caught it early on which is good.  You have lots of those ever important T-cells (Lwood numbers his for just such an emergency!) and your % looks pretty good too.  I am glad you found us and look forward to hearing all about you.

I too have had the dreaded syphillis and it fucking sucked ASS!  Had me down and OUT for like 4 months before they figured it out.


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