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figured it was time i introduced myself

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--- Quote from: Regretsafew on September 17, 2006, 10:37:51 AM ---My doc is a female too  LOL.  She's an Infectious Disease doctor from New York City  so I hope she's right for me.  lol.. 

--- End quote ---
Must be Dr Mangino.
Things will get better  :)

Take care of yourself!

Hi Jeff
Sorry that your test came back POZ ..but your with a lot of us who care ..and will be here to help at any time we can ..Your numbers are really good ..and keeping away from the drug and alcohol will help a lot..I was a heavy user and I stop-ed drinking and using before I tested ..I was almost 2 yrs clean when I did test and I managed to stay clean ..and Today i find it help me to keep a better attitude about my life and about AIDS having to live with me ..( I put it Thu hell ) .lol..Goodluck to you ..and remember ..were only a email away



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