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figured it was time i introduced myself

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My name is Jeff.  about 3 weeks ago I got out of the shower looked in the mirror and saw red "blotches" all over my heart went into my throat, i called in sick and headed to the emergency room they ruled out most possibilities (ex food allergy,medicine allergy) until they were basically lefty with 2 possibilities stage 2 syphillis or HIV sero conversion rash so i took what i thought were tests for both  waited a week an got a call from the ER doctor saying good WAS syphillis...and its easily treatable so i said, oh, so your telling me the HIV was neg  and he said no, we did not perform an HIV test (dont ask me i still dont undderstand why either)

so anyway i headed to a doctor with knowledge that i needed bicillin injections and hiv test.   deep inside i think i already new what the results were going to be if ive got one there is a very real chance that ive got both.

well sure enough the blood work comes back and i tested for syphillis gonnoreah, hep b antibodies and HIV poz.

by now ive had all 3 bicillin injections and rash is pretty much gone. i went to manhattan to get one of the best HIV specialists and she is now my primary care phys. i was suprised but i am very comfortaable with a female doctor.  she did the major blood work for me and i spent the week(last week) hiding inside a bottle of vodka (lol)...dont worry i didnt drowned and now ive climbed back out and ready to deal with the situation.  my numbers came back cd4 621 vl 82,574  31% 0.59  not quite sure what that all means but im using the lessons here and at some other sites ive found to educate myself.   i have not been to work since the rash showed up (that was back on 8-18)  and im going back monday (the HR director and my supervisor know my situation and are more then supportive) 
not suree whats next but i guess its probably a good idea not to go back into that bottle of vodka LOL.
i look forward to making new freinds soon,.

Hi Jeff,
I'm pretty new here myself, but welcome. Lots to read about here, and some pretty nice people. Congrats on getting a great doc (very important). Good luck


Andy Velez:
Jeff, welcome! You moved very quickly on doing the smartest thing -- getting tested and upon learning about your status you got yourself a doctor whom you like. Having a good doctor with whom you form a working partnership is one of the most important elements in  keeping you healthy.

You two will check your numbers out and see how the pattern develops in the coming months. You don't have to rush into making any treatment decisions at this point. Gradually you will learn all the basics about staying well.

You're doing very well. You may find yourself surprised that you will suddenly and unexpectedly become emotional in different ways. Maybe not, but just know it's par for the course. You're always welcome here to ask questions or to discuss anything else that's on your mind.

Keep us posted on how things are going.


Hello Bedder,( Jeff)

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it is always difficult to welcome someone here, but I am sure you will find plenty of suppory from everyone.

When I was doagnosed positive in 1985, it was the secondary infection of gonorhea,( that I also managed to get at the same time) that led me to the county health department, for my positive diagnosis.

I know things are pretty tuff right now, you say you are reading up on the lessons. Thats GREAT !! Educating yourself should be foremost., But take things slow, don't give tourself "burnout".

I also know what it's like to get lost in the booze bottle ! I did that for the first year after I was diagnosed. It was a difficult time for me ....

When you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them....Someone will always be here to help you out !!

Hang in there//Stay in touch in us-----------Ray

Hello Jeff, it is Eldon.

I wanted to take a moment to extend to you a warm WELCOME to the forums. You have definitely plugged into the right site. Here you will find communication, understanding, lessons, some cries, some laughter, support, and may of your questions answered relating to HIV/AIDS.

We definitely have a great group of people and you will find a lot of information here at your disposal. DO feel free to come and browse, or even toi vent from time-to-time. There is listening and answering here.

Again, Welcome and have the BEST Day!


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