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Hi everyone!  Im a 15 years old girl, the question  im about to make could sound really dumb, but im a bit worried and just want to make sure I dont need an HIV test.

I was in a boutique (in one of those rooms where you can try on clothes, no idea how you call it in english)  I tried on several clothes, anyways I looked up the ceiling and I noticed there was a paper with blood stainds, seemed fresh, no idea how long they had been there though. The paper was on a kind of "net" you know not really a ceiling so I could see it well.  It was more like a napkin someone put there.  Anyways, about 30 minutes after that I was eating, I moved my hair back a bit then I felt something feel into my eye, very annoying, I couldnt check what it was because in that moment I was at a restaurant, I closed my eye several times and that sensation was gone.  After I left the restaurant I checked my eye, but I didnt see anything strange.

My question is... would it be a risk  if some of that blood I saw earlier fell on my hair?   if a particle of semi-dry blood fell on my hair then on my eye?  Do I need to get tested?

My mother keeps telling me that couldnt happen, but I just wanted to ask the experts.


You don't need an HIV test. Your mother is correct.

Thank you very much Rod!   

Hey, Ive one more question  :-[    I forgot to mention that next day after this, in the morning, I used a napkin on my eye and I noticed something dark black-redish (blood-like) on the napkin, I felt a bit paranoic.  That day I washed my eye several times, because I had the sensation that it was in some way "dirty" or something (i also have the ugly mania of rubbing my eyes).  My question  is, if what i described before in this thread  did happen, am I not at risk, concidering all this?  Another thing, I had a laser eye surgery ( 8 months ago),  I had some complications during the surgery
does that pose any risk? I mean if I have contact with other body fluids like semen, blood, etc, do I have more chances to get infected?   is 8 months enough time for my  corneas to heal?

Sorry if I repeat myself, I just suddenly started to think of this details.  I really dont mean to be annoying and repetitive, so beforehand so sorry if I am being like that  :-X  I in fact had to do a lot thinking before posting here!


No, you weren't at risk even with the spins you are putting on it.


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