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Finally! My numbers are in!

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WOW! The last month and a half of my life has been like an emotional rollercoaster. I tested positive on August 1. A good friend of mine was with me at the doctor's when i got the news and luckily was calm and collected enough to grab a copy of POZ out of the lobby on our way out. So, I've been checking out the site since day one but have refrained from posting anything until i found a doctor that i liked and got my first set of labs back. I thought that day would never ever come. There were so many hoops to jump through- ADAP applications, case management, waiting for an available appointment at the clinic, I just wanted to shout at everyone i came in contact with, "YOU CAN'T TELL ME I HAVE HIV AND THEN MAKE ME WAIT A MONTH AND A HALF TO TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON INSIDE MY BODY!!!" But they can and with how busy the doctors are at the clinics, they have to. ANYWAY... today was the day. Finally my appointment! Finally i would know just what my numbers are. I can honestly say, I have never been so nervous in my life. Ever. I was so terrified to find out the news I'd waited for so long to hear. I went. The doctor was wonderful, she answered all of my questions before we discussed the labs. She let my boyfriend come back with me (who I've been in a monogamous relationship with for a year and is negative, by the way) and we went over my numbers and discussed the next steps. My cd4 count is 359, my viral load is 30585.
It feels really good to know what my numbers are. Really good. I wish my cd4 count was higher, of course. But it could have been a lot lower.
Anyway.... I've been reading and clicking around this site since being diagnosed on August 1st and it feels really great to finally say something. It has been, and will continue to be i'm sure, a great comfort to read the stories of others and know i have a place to come and talk to people who have gone thru the same stuff i am. Thank you.
 I would love to hear any thoughts or comments about my numbers.

Hello Bnyc23, it is Eldon.

First, I wanted to extend a warm WELCOME to you here at the forums. This is an excellent avenue in order to ADD to your current support system. In my travels with HIV/AIDS, I found that having a good strong support system is the key. Here you will find encouragement, communication, understanding, support, some cries, some laughter, and many of your questions answered relating to HIV/AIDS.

As you have seen by browsing, we do have an excellent group of individuals who are here that will listen as well as answer you. There is also a wealth of information stored here on this site at your disposal. When you have the time, please take a moment to read through the WECOME thread of this forum.

As for your situation. It is unfortunate that you have tested positive. However, it is a good thing that you DO know now so that you can address the issue and DO something about it to take care of yourself. With these clinics, you DO need to have a mild form of patience as they are well overbooked and busy.

Your numbers. They are good with all consideration. There is also a section on CD4's that you can read under our lessons section which is located on the top left hand corner of this page. It is also good that you DO have your BF by your side to give you the additional comfort that you need while you are going through this.

There are a number of questions that are now raised and is running through your mind. My advice is for you to take it One Day at a time, and educate yourself on HIV/AIDS. In the interim, you will need to change your diet, start taking a multi-vitamin, drink plenty of fluids, get a normal exercise routine started, and most importantly get your proper rest.

DO feel free to come and visit from time-to-time and vent whatever is going on in your mind in a post. We are ALL in this together, and you are not alone.

Again, Welcome, and Have the BEST Day!

Bny... Welcome aboard the flag ship HIV...  Your doing just great on taking steps to live a long life...  Keep him close to you...


Hey Bny,

Welcome. Glad you have joined in. This is a great place to come to for help, support, etc.

Your numbers aren't bad. Is this a recent infection or do you think you have had the bug for a while?

If this is a new infection, your numbers will change a lot in the first six months or so.

What really matters is a pattern. After three or four test results are in, you will have a much better idea of where you are.

I'm only saying this because people seem to become very fixated on numbers and one set of labs really doesn't give you an accurate picture.

It sounds like you have a good doc. That is critical.

I completely understand your feelings regarding having to wait for the first doctor visit, the first labs, etc. I remember it well, although its been a while for me.

You said you've been looking at the forums. Have you checked out the lessons. They can be very helpful, especially when trying to absorb what all the new terms, tests, etc., mean.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I look forward to hearing more from you.



Thank you guys so much for the warm welcome. I have been checking out the lessons sections a lot lately. :)
I appreciate your kind words and sound advice. I am also happy to report that i slept thru the night for the first time since being diagnosed last night!!! YIPPY SKIPPY!
Thanks again!


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