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It's a good sign but not conclusive.

Thank you again! My Dr. is having me take the test again at 9 weeks and then 12.. so I will let you guys know!

One last question.. I am really scared about this.. I have had many sympotms for 7 weeks, and I know you shouldn't go off symptoms, but what are the chances of being positive after 6 weeks negative? I am just very scared.  My 9 week test is next week.

It's possible, but it would be VERY RARE.

Thank you Rapid Rod for your advice.. If my test was at 39 days and not 42 is that a huge difference for the 6 week mark? I am going in on Wed for my 60 day test on Wed... I have been so sick to my stomach and stressed about this..  I have never been so scared in my life.


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