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Hello, I'm new.....I think I am after some advice!

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I'm really happy to hear that you got over the initial problems that your partner's diagnosis brought to your relationship. True love will win out every time and it sounds like that's what you've got; True Love. Sweet! :)

Wishing you and your growing family all the best for a long and happy life. Cheers!

Hi Doodle, this string of posts brought tears to my eyes.

I didn't realize, until the end, that your original post was over a year ago. I can relate on so many levels, even now. Congrats on a new baby!

I agree with what Mecch & Ann said & I hope he has opened up abit and has allowed you more information with where he's at in this. I, personally, would absolutely insist on it, but when my husband isn't forthcoming (because he absolutely hates talking about it), he's given his doctors the okay to talk with I go straight to the information source.

Congrats again & best of luck!


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