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Hello, I'm new.....I think I am after some advice!

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Andy Velez:
If PEP is going to be started it must be within 48-72 hours after a risk. The earlier the better...

Thanks Andy, I was aware of that.

I have decided not to bother anyway, it was a minimal risk.

I am due to test in November anyway, so will just wait till then.

Joe K:
Hey Doodle,

Going to doctor appointments together will help you both understand what is going on and I suggest you start a list of questions to ask the doctor, say in a notebook.  You can take that notebook to the doctor with you and write down anything he says, so you don't have to worry about remembering all the numbers.  It takes a lot of pressure out of doctor visits, because you have it all written down to reference later.

I'm back again after a pretty long time with some really good news...

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my partners baby, conceived naturally and have just had my bloods back today to confirm I am still negative!

After my partner became undetectable we went to see his doctor together and were advised that the risk of my contracting HIV was 0.01%.

We were advised to use an ovulation kit and time intercourse as closely to ovulation as possible.

We had intercourse twice in the 1st month and 3 times in the second month - the month I conceived!!

I am so happy about getting my blood results back today - just over 4 months after we last had unprotected intercourse!

I am taking that as pretty conclusive that I have stayed negative & feel blessed that we have been able to concieve again!

E x

Jeff G:
Congratulations ! that is wonderful news and I'm very happy for the three of you .


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