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So what do we do now?

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Joe K:
If you want to understand the true cost of the Bush Administration and it's poorly structured efforts at HIV prevention, I relate the following sad truth.

A sex club recently opened here and since it is held in a swingers club, nudity and sexual acts are allowed anywhere within the club.  It's a big step up from the baths because it is more structured like a play bar and you would hope that might facilitate discussions regarding safer sex, but hell no.

We went two nights ago and while sitting at the bar, we noticed a naked man who proceeded to get on one of the couches and thrust his ass into the air.  Like a moose call there appeared at least five guys, forming a line to do this guy anally and no one of them used a condom, nor did anyone NEGOTIATE ANYTHING.  A couple of the guys took their turn and then returned to the end of the line and this continued for about 10 minutes.

The club is great about having condoms and lube all over the place.  You get two when you walk in and they are everywhere, yet not an empty condom wrapper in site.  What else was missing???  Prevention information of any kind.  The reason?  Our ASOs have no money for prevention information because the Bushies insist on abstinence only prevention information, which is a joke in many segments of the community.  Adults have the right to do what they want and the duty to act responsible, but these guys just did not care.

So how do we fix this?  Or is it too late?  What do we have to do to get people to understand the reality of HIV?  Do we even have the responsibility, other than personal, anymore for getting prevention information back into the communities where it is sorely needed?  I am so tired of having to do what the government should have been doing all along.

Please pressure your representatives to support funding for SCIENTIFIC prevention information before it is too late, or maybe that time has already passed.

Matty the Damned:
I propose that we do lunch.

Following that we should repair to the haberdashery and select tasteful fabrics with a view to making curtains. We should cancel next years AIDSMEDS Grope (AMG) and have a sewing circle instead.


Hi Joe

I really don't think there is much we can do....if alcohol and/or drugs are in play then no amount of funding, information or prevention advise is going to make any differnece..I do about 10 talks a year on HIV and I'm always  preaching safe sex to all the Med Students I talk to and to all the Collage Students I talk to..but I have no way of knowing if they actually practive what I preach...I can only hope they do the right thing...there is only so much we can do...just my thoughts.

Jan :-*

Hey Joe,

I am highly disappointed with the Bush Administration. Abstinence? Are they kidding themselves or what? Funds need to be allocated for PREVENTION and AWARENESS. I am so thankful that this is his last term in the oval office.

Remember, when you go to the polls and vote, consider the persons whom say they will address these issues to Congress.

Have the BEST Day!

i agree with all who know that bush and his ship of fools are wrong when it comes to abstinence,sure it may work for a few,but the rest of us dont live in prehistoric times.when i was younger,i wish i had the information i know sure would have been alot easier to make informed dissions,rather than(pardon the expression)poke and hope.the issue of protection should be the issue in the minds of everyone,also when i was younger i would tag a few women a day,now im not don juan,but it would have made me look at things a whole lot different.and being young and raging with hormones you couldnt tell me not to get laid when i already had some girl lined up for some action.and the kids now are even further off base when it comes to knowledge of this terrible disease.sorry if i went off base with the conversation,wasnt intentinal.take care


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