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im so surprised and confussed at the same time

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hello all my fellow people,i thought i would give all of you good people an update of whats been going on in my medical world.
i was at the docs yesterday and my cd4 is almost 600(599) vl undetectable ,and heres where the confussion comes in.last time my numbers were a little lower but still undetctable,but the % dropped from 26% to 23%,i know its not a significant drop but still it confusses me because everything else is going in the right direction and the %drops makes me worry im doing something wrong,but even the doc says hes not worried about it,so i guess i wont either.meds are doing the work they were desighned to stop ortho again,knee isnt taking to the steroids like they have hoped and now i have to consider opening it up to correct the acl.and finally asked the doc whats gong on with the biopsy results but he didnt have a answer hoping that if my numbers are high enough,that we may try to get the hep c out of the when i get the results i will tell all the people starting to feel very good about things again,and hope everyone here has good news every now and then,i know how it feels and its amazing how it can make a big difference just in attitude,i wish you all good health,take care

Matty the Damned:

Don't fret too much. You really don't have to worry about that % unless it dips under 21.


am i correct that it has more to do with the cd4 cd8 connection?thanks matty

Fulch....599 cd4? ...I want some of those...

I am sure you will be just fine...You are getting better :)


i hope so im tired of this gut im starting to develope,i need to get rid of it,i never was in such bad shape before,time to turn up the pressure on the aabs.and yes im starting to feel like i can play ice hockey again,well only the goalie now but forward next month if all goes well,we will see.thanks but i cant give some of my numbers away,if i could i know i would to help my fellow man or woman.


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