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How many of you smoke?

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As you well remember, I love your smoke, and that of anyone else.  I stopped whist waiting to be admitted to the hospital for my first bout of PCP, and that last Benson and Hedges Menthol Ultra Light, still is embeddid in my brain.  That was on August 4, 1994, and was the cculmination of 27 years of smoking.   For now, I will be happy with anyone elses smoke and not go back to my own.

Cheers.  Light em up !!!

I've smoked for myself for about 24 years, but my dad was a chronic 3 pack a day smoker, so I've probably been smoking since birth.
I smoke 30 a day and hate it and what it does to me. I find quitting really hard but am gonna give it one last try before my 40th and before it kills me.

I recently quit on 10/05. I was taking an online poll and the bastards tricked me into admitting I was spending over two grand a year on cigs. I am now addicted to gasoline. ::)

Call for Phillip Morris.....only the old farts will get that.


I used to smoke 2+ packs a day.  I'd quit several times before, so I was pretty good at quitting.  I just couldn't keep from starting again.  I finally quit when I decided that I really did want to quit, and restarting was NOT an option.  That was in 1990 and I haven't smoked since.


This old fart remembers that call.  Also remembers -

LSMFT - Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco


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