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How many of you smoke?

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Following the thread of smoking and CD4 I was wondering how many of you smoke.

I found out in Toronto that most of those attending did smoke. Same in Nashville.


I smoke, but not a lot.  Maybe 6 a day if that....and not even everyday. 

Matty the Damned:

I've smoked since I was 11. That means I've been smoking for -takes off shoes and socks- . . . 20 years! Oy vey! I've actually reduced the amount I smoke per day over the last few years. At one point in my early 20's I smoked 60 ciggies a day.

For real.

Now it's more like 15 or so.

I should stop. I WANT to stop. But they're so useful for crisping the nipples of disobedient lovers! ;D


I've never smoked, well I have passively.  My parents both died of lung cancer and were chronic smokers.  It's never interested me, and I don't like what it does to your insides and outsides!

I smoke like a fiend, Hermie. I've quiy at various times, and cut back, too. But somehow the siren call of nicotine becons.

BTW- I have Matty beat by several years. I've smoked since 1975, which means 31 years. Oh wow!

(Who exhales through his nose)


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