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2 tests to confirm positive status

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Normally the same blood used for the Elisa test is also used for the western blot if the elisa is positive, when this is the case your doc should have both results on file

With the other tests it really does depend on the workload of the lab, my results are always back in a week and all together so i only need one appointment to go through them with my doc

all the best garry   

     Thanks for all of your replies, I really appreciate them.   Well I finally got my test results back, including the Western Blot test.  So there is no doubt about it.  I knew that it would confirm it, I think that I was just too "out of it" during the initial shock. 
     Tomorrow morning is my first appointment with the Infectious Disease Specialist.  I am actually looking forward to it because I want to get an expert opinion about the status of what it goin on in my body.  According to the genotyping, I have a strain that is not predicted to be resistant to any of the drugs. I am happy about that.  As I said before, my CD4 count is 442 (28%), but the viral load is >100,000.  I'm not sure what these numbers really mean.  My primary care doctor seemed to think that they were not too bad.  I had tested negative in May, and then positive the first week of September, so I guess I caught it early.  I knew that something was up because I wasn't feeling great and when my lymph nodes popped out, I was pretty sure.  My lymph nodes still are inflamed.  They get pretty sore from time to time.  I am hoping that they return to normal, although I am told that they might not.  I am a little paranoid about people noticing them.  I am not ready to disclose to anyone yet. Only my partner knows (he tested negative after I found out....I'm thankful for that).  He needs to get tested again in November to make sure that he is in the clear.  He has been wonderful and supportive through this thing and I don't know where I would be without him.
     I am trying to get back to normal, other than the inflamed lymph nodes and the night sweats, I feel fine.  I have been trying to locate a local support group and I think I found one, but they never seem to answer the phone and I am wary to leave a message because of disclosure issues.  I would love to know when the meetings are because I think they could really help me deal with all the feelings I have about this.  I have days where I feel relatively normal, and other days when I ask myself, "what's the point in going on now?".
     I know I need to be strong and not feel sorry for myself, but sometimes it's just so overwhelming.  I am hoping that after I see the ID doctor tomorrow, I will have new hope for the future.  I just need to talk about this with someone other than my partner because I don't want to overly burden him.  He keeps telling me that it's just something that happened and we will deal with it in the best way possible.  I just don't want it to comsume my every thought of every day.  As it stands now, it is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of before going to sleep.  Most of the time I wake up wet in the middle of the night and that of course, makes it come to mind as well. 
     I know that this is long, but I guess I need to get it out.  I have stopped crying at least.  I really want to just feel better so that I can stop thinking about it so much.    Thanks again for reading and your warm replies.


Hello Dxx, it is Eldon.

It is unfortunate that you have tested positive with HIV. However, it is a good thing to know rather than not know so you can take action with your health. Your numbers look relatively good and your percentage is in a good range. Right now you need a strong support system. It is good that you have your partner by your side which is understanding and he is willing to support you. Actually, that is powerful.

A support group is an excellent way to add to your support system and it will give you a chance to interact with others who are HIV positive. In the beginning there is a sense of shock however, this will dissipate in time. You are not alone, we are all in this together.

I wish to extend to you a warm WELCOME to the forums. Here you will find communication, understanding, support, some cries, some laughter, and many of your questions answered relating to HIV/AIDS. There is a lot of information on this site at your disposal. Please DO take the time out to read through our lessons section which is located on the upper "left" hand corner of the page. We have a great group of people that will be listening as well as answering you.

There is a lot that may come to your mind. I DO urge you to come and vent from time-to-time. Again, Welcome!

Make the BEST of each Day!


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