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I'm at the 11th week now of possible exposure and I've been going out of my mind with these possible symptoms.  I had one time unprotected vaginal sex with sex-worker.  We had no oral sex and unprotected vaginal sex (10min) with me ejaculating inside of her.
I went to test for HIV at 10 days and 60days, both got -ve results. (for 10days test -- 4th gen elisa, for 60 days test -- most likely 3th gen elisa or above)

p.s. i do the test in Hong Kong
My questions are:
1) how accurate for the test?
2) am i most likely to be hiv -ve???
Thank you for your time!

Andy Velez:
Hi Rsan,

First of all and last of all, no more intercourse without condoms. You can have as much sex as you like with as many partners as you like, whether civilians or professionals. As long as you always use a latex condom each time you are "covered" as far as HIV is concerned.

HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's significantly more difficult to accomplish from female to male. The fact that you ejaculated in her is irrelevant as far as you are concerned. It's a risk to her, not to you. This was a single incident. The average time to seroconversion is 22 days. All but the smallest number of those who are going to seroconvert will do so within 4-6 weeks after an exposure to the virus.

Combinining all of that with your negative test results, especially the one at 60 days, I would expect you to continue to test negative.

BUT, you do need to re-test at 13 weeks just to make sure. And learn from this experience. Low risk is not the same as no risk so when you have unprotected intercourse you are putting your life at risk.

Good luck with your next test.


I was drunk last time and therefore, i have sex without condom!! I am so scared and regret now. (Sorry, my english isn't good enough, so maybe hard for all of you to understand what i am talking about!!)

I cannot sleep after the possible infection. I will never do it again!! Sure, i plan to re-test at 13 weeks. I talked with my doctor yesterday, he said the test can mostly likely reflect for HIV he right??

Thx for your help!

Andy Velez:
As I said previously, I expect you to continue to test negative. It is highly unlikely that you would test positive after the results you have received so far. 

I very much appreciate with your help!! Just a few words but really helpful!!! God bless you!!



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