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What the heck is this?


I dont know what these are. But it kinda scares me.. someone please tell me what these are. they seem to be acne like things on my testacles, some can pop, some are too big and they wont. 

 ??? ??? ???


I can't believe you posted photos of your nuts on the internet. Please remove those links from your post. Nobody can diagnose you over the internet - with or without photos.

Whatever those are, it's nothing to do with hiv. If you've had unprotected intercourse, you need to test at three months for a conclusive result. If you've never had unprotected intercourse, chances are you only need to test if you are sexually active as part of a normal rountine check up.

We deal with specific hiv related questions about transmission and testing - but we do NOT diagnose ANYTHING here. I'm asking you again to remove the links from your post and show your testicles to a qualified doctor instead.



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