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Anyone else just feel messed up?

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Im sorry youre going through such a hard time.  I dont know why you would want to commit suicide.  The point is, you havent so you must have found reasons to stick around.  So hold onto those reasons and keep on truckin'.

Sorry I dont have anything magical to say to make this go away for you.

As a fellow puppy owner AND occasional Judy-Garland-wanna-be-right-down-to-the-pill-buffet, sometimes the only thing that breaks me out of my head is my dog!  I'm so in love with him, and he relies on me for absolutely everything...I don't think I could ever let him down, and I would miss him terribly. 
Not liking yourself--I think--is the loneliest place anyone could ever experience.  It doesn't matter what anyone says to you, if you can't buy it, they're just empty words. 
It took me a while to FINALLY find a psychiatrist who listened, watched, and knew what was wrong with me, and helped me get through it.  These "specialists" are only human.  Trial and error, unfortunately.  Isn't it strange that in the 21st century our heads are still so misunderstood?  Anyway...sometimes just taking it a day at a time, or a single moment at a time, helps.  Overwhelming yourself with all the "tomorrows" can be crippling.  Keep searching for a doctor you like.  You are worth it.  And stay close to that puppy!!  He/she needs you, and its love is unconditional!  There's nothing like that!!   


We love you Biggums.  Maybe a trip to see you would be okay?

all the time my friend...all the time. I do agree with naked_chuck,puppy love is powerful. Today I was very disturbed by another post...I turned off the computer took Sam to the park and let him chase squirrels. I truly believe in the healing power of pets and I hope you let yours heal you....if only for a moment. We are thinking of you.


Gosh guys,

Thanks for the encouraging words.  They aren't just empty words believe me.  Sometimes I am at the point where I really don't expect anyone to solve my problems, but it is nice to know someone cares.  That's the good thing about this place. 

I am feeling somewhat better today.  My honey who has been out of town for awhile gets back on Tuesday and hopefully things will go smoothly there.  I am also looking for a different job.  The one I have in sales is so boring.  Lack of a challenge in life is one of the major causes of depression for me at least.  I love to have a job that I have to restart, regroup or revamp something and get a program going. 

Anyway, thanks again.  John, I will get in touch with you guys later this week and maybe we can set something up with y'all.  Meet in Columbia or something.  I will let you know.  Thanks buddy.


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