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HIV is not important

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I have come to the conclusion HIV is not important because:

- Being in love is more important than some damn virus
- A pint with a friend is more important than some damn virus
- Reorganising the office seating plan to everyone's satisfaction is more important than some damn virus
- Soweto Gospel Choir singing "Amazing Grace" is more important than some damn virus
- A perfect, one-rule-broken, sonnet is more important than some damn virus
- Hitting a coke can at 240 metres x 2 through the same bullet hole with a .22 rifle is...
- As is: the unseasonal flowers on my quince bush, the brightest red 4-star petals
- And: a stunning blow-job from a fit, hot daddy with the lightest full beard in a backroom bar on the pool table in the spotlight

But mainly, being in love, idea or actual, joys and sorrows

HIV is not important

- matt

Now playing: Soweto Gospel Choir, Amazing Grace

"I once was lost, but now am found"

Cool Matt.

I may have HIV but HIV does not have me!

am now going to download amazing grace from soweto gospel choir.
might sound even more from the heart what you have written.
i sometimes just also think that my life matters but it s nothing in between milliards of people.
without me, not much will change, thinking like that i feel much lighter. i am all replacable i say,
and get rid of all the burden of life.
than i begin to live without my little worries and fears.

and for love, it makes people strong and weak at the same time.
such a good feeling

A close friend of mine parents had Amazing Grace played on Bagpipe at his funeral at Arlington.  It was perhaps the saddest sound I have ever heard.

  A truly fitting song for a warrior.

Sorry to hijack your thread.  It was very uplifting.  The whole free association thing got me. 

Is the place for the bullet number 8 already taken?? :D



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