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Really confused...


I've read all the archives and the welcome thread.  I think my situation is fine, but I would like to double-check with everyone.  Four years ago, my boyfriend at the time (unknown HIV status) inserted one finger in my vagina and then took it out.  I'm concerned because before he did that, he touched his penis with the same finger and got some pre-cum on it.  I really can't remember if he wiped it off.  My worry is that he did have pre-cum on his finger when he put it inside my vagina.  I had always thought this was a safe situation but I've been doing some reading and it seems that it could be unsafe.  Is this a viable way for HIV to be transmitted?  Thank you.

You don't contract HIV from being fingered. Please re-read the "Welcome" thread and follow the lesson link to transmission.

Andy Velez:
Sim, you have absolutely no cause to be concerned about that incident in terms of HIV infection.

What I do strongly recommend is that you read the lesson on this site about HIV transmission. This epidemic is going to be with us for a longtime to come. No one can afford to be unknowing about the basics of infection and how to avoid it. The link to the lesson is in the first thread in this section. By following some very simple guidelines consistently -- mainly always using condoms for intercourse -- you can enjoy sexuality, protect your health and spare yourself a lot of unnecessary worrying.

This time out there's no cause for further concern.


Thanks Rapid and Andy for your quick and honest replies.  I will put this situation out of my mind and not worry anymore.

Andy Velez:
Good. Glad you found the exchanges here to be useful.


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