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Well, I have a load of stuff to do today, but before the day starts, I wanted to come in and share something very personal with all of you.

On this date, in 1983; an immunologist looked into my face and told me, “you have AIDS related complex, and you should get your affairs in order, as you probably will not see Christmas this year”.  Twenty three years ago today….  I will not recount the last 23 years, as most of that I tend to keep in my Blog, but I am marking this as a milestone year, and am looking forward to the next year with anticipation and excitement.

This last year has been a very good one, and even though the struggle for equity of services for those of us living with this disease is a long and difficult road; I still find enjoyment in doing the work. 

Thank each and every one of you for being in my world and for spending the time here to offer support and help to those that request it and need the “light” to make their trip a little easier.  This Website, this forum, and you people, all make up a resource that is historically significant.  We have never lived in a time of the instantaneous communication opportunities that this medium extends to us, and so it makes it so much easier to get in touch with those in need.  I feel so lucky to have lived this long and to see what a difference this medium has made in the lives of PLWHA. 

In closing, I want to thank all of you who have enriched my life over the last year, and to those that I met and communicated with in Montreal; a huge and sloppy kiss to all of you.  You have enriched my life beyond anything you might have imagined.

In Love and Thanks for good people.

Tim,  Thank You for being here for all of us!

(((Big Hugs)))

Dear Tim,

I wish I had read this post prior to attending the Planning Counsil meeting tonight.  Each month we light candles and share a moment of silence for those we have lost to AIDS.  I often think of people who are still living and fighting for a better quality of life for everyone living with HIV/AIDS. 

Tonight with the Directors of Medicine at both the Center of HIV Prevention and Care, the Russian River Health Center, as well as the Executive Director of Face-to-Face and the Executive Director of Food for Thought abstaining, the FY 2007 budget was approved as written.  Even more important, the Community Re-Connect program has been included in the budget. 

Over this past year on the forums, I have gotten so much support and advise from you, I enjoy spending this 23rd Anniversary with you.  Where are those Roses when you need them?  Have the best day

Dearest Moffie

You gave me advise, information, you inspired me and encouraged me to start my support group, which by the way is going very well, and you saved your last piece of chocolate cake for I say to you THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU

With love and hugs
Jan :-*

Matty the Damned:
Mad props to you Daddy Tim. You know how much you mean to me. :-*



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