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Hi guys,

I asked a question in this forum about 6 months back. I received oral sex from a hiv+ bodyworker, this forum suggested that I didn't have any risk from such a incident. After the incident, I had two blood tests, 1 at 4 week mark and the second one at 6 week mark, both came back negative. I didn't bother test again and I completely put this incident behind me.

Just about 1 month ago, my friend encountered exactly the same situation, received blowjob from another hiv+ bodyworker, last nigh he was asked me the same question, should he get tested?

I told him that he could get tested for the sake of mental stress. He also asked a question regarding the test window which I don't know the answer, maybe I can get some help from the forum.

From all the discussion threads, it appears that most people will test positive (3rd generation or above?) in about 22 days if they're indeed positive. So a test at 4 week or 6 week will be very encouraging. So, is there a percentage chart to show the actual percentage of testing positive in relation to the testing time?

Something like: 90% will be test positive in 22 days, 95% will be tested positive in 40 days. etc...

Is there such a statistics?

Thanks in advance.

Matty the Damned:

You can't get HIV from receiving a blowjob. Even if the lucky devil on the end of your tool is HIV positive. The virus just isn't transmitted that way.

Please read our Welcome Thread to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.



I remember you. You should know this by now.

There is no window period for a NO RISK incident such as getting your dick sucked. No risk = no window = no test. Got it?


Hi Ann, all,

I have already put this incident behind me, I will gladly pass the same message to my friend. I think you guys are doing a great job, thanks.


One more question though..
How about rimming, for both the giver and receiver?


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