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should i be tested?

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Your thinking is off the wall. You do not get HIV from being fingered. In 25 plus years of HIV collected data, not one person has ever contracted HIV by being fingered. You will not be the first.

Sorry i didn't know how does this work..i will copy that here:

Hi, I just want to know how is people infected in healthwork...i knew that accidents with needles don't always end with infection, but there should be many cases of healthworkers infected by some kind of accidents...I'm just being curious..

In the US there have been 52 cases by occupational exposures in over 25 years. Needles sticks, lacerations from broken bones and equipment, eye containation and so forth.

Andy Velez:
And along with the 52 cases of transmission there have been thousands of accidents in that manner. As you can see by the numbers, most of the time infection does not happen.

Theoretical means it "could" happen. Realistically it almost never does. Big difference.

Do you know if there are cases of infection through piercings or tatoos? everyone says that those are risky in terms of hiv


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