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should i be tested?

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The bottom line here is that if you are worried about your hiv status regardless of us telling you there was no risk in what you brought to us, then go test, collect your negative and move on with your life. It's that simple.


Hey Dani,
I had the same exact problem, I am 15 tho and i also got fingered when i didnt want to and i was continuosly worrying for about a month. Then i found this site and they told me the same exact things they are tellin yu and i calmed down. Now i know that i am still HIv negative and i am protecting myself from becoming postive. Dont worry you are still negative!
- Katie =]

Thanks for the supportive words Katie  :)

No problem. I know how you are feeling right now... and you should just calm down. First of all the guy probably doesnt even have the HIv virus and even if he did you wouldnt have caught it. I mean think about if.. if the HIv virus was passed though fingering then probably 75% if not more teens would all be infected because at some point or another they are fingered...


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