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Hi, i'm a 16 years old girl and i began to be worried because i was thinking about an experience i had...i was dating a bigger guy and one night he made me get drunk...we were kissing and he touched himself to ask me to touch him but i didn't so he put his hand into my trousers and he began fingering me, and i let him...i don't know his health status and i dint see him anymore...i have read a lot about Stds and it is said that gloves should be used for this types of things...i dint know if he had some precum in his fingers when he touched me or is he had cuts or sores...I'm really worried and ashamed..i cannot tell this to my you think a test is warranted?
i know this kind of questions have been answered before because i have read a lot about...however i cannot be quiet and the more i read the more i get worried...i also know that getting a test is the only way of being sure but the fact is that if i want a test i'll have to worry my parents and i will do it only if it's really necessary.

No, a test is not warranted in the above situation you described.

Matty the Damned:
Hey Dani,

I agree with Roddles when he says this is not a testing situation. Nevertheless I think you would benefit from reading our Welcome Thread to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.

One other thing doll, you don't have to engage in any sexual behaviour that you don't want to. It's your body and nobody elses. It sounds like this fellow was less than gentlemanly in his dealings with you. Just because he wants to do something, doesn't mean you have to do it.

Drinking and casual sexual encounters are not a good mix either.

Fond regards,



Just to follow on to Rodney and Matty's posts - which I completely agree with - no one can MAKE you get drunk. I mean, are you telling us he tied you down and put a funnel in your mouth?

At sixteen you are old enough to start taking responsibility for your own actions. Don't allow yourself to get into potentially dangerous situations with men you don't know - or even men you DO know. Take it from one who has been there, done that and ended up hiv positive.

Whatever you do, make sure, if and when you have anal or vaginal intercourse, that the guy is wearing a condom.

You were not at risk through getting fingered.


Thank you very much for the responses
I agree with you about the issue of getting drunk, i just didn't think i could get to that...
i have read the article as you said...and there, like in many other websites, i found that my risk was a theoretically if there is a theoretically risk could you explain me why is not necessary a test?
i also found that many people is concerned about things such as sitting on a dry drop of blood..or getting infected through the i think that if those are theoretically risks..mine should be a high risk :S
I'm just looking for peace of mind..i didn't know nobody to talk about this..

Thanks again!


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