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Atripla and diarrhea PLEASE HELP


I have been on Atripla for 2 weeks now and from the second day on it i have had diarrhea from hell!! Lomotil isn't stopping it,lomotil coupled with immodium barely does anything. I have called my dr and he says this will pass. I am headed to my parents home for a visit this weekend and we are planning a day in NYC. I am looking forward to seeing them and the day in my hometown.What I am not looking forward to is the sudden sharp cramping the gut twisting and the immeadiate need for a bathroom in NYC!! I don't know if any of you are familiar with time square and the broadway area but finding a bathroom nevermind a clean one is near impossible!! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. i am actually thinking of skipping a dose while i am there even though the problem is just begining to slow down in the last 48 hours.

Hey hello

That it is slowing down suggests it will pass.

In the immediate future, suggestions:

1. More n more Imodium, you can take, like up to 8 in one go.  Please ignore what the packet says, it's so frigging feeble, just take two or three, or four, n see what happens, n then maybe some more. & no water.  I know yr doc has prob said take the meds with water but don't, or just enough for them to go down, & deffo on an empty stomach (like fasting, or 2 hrs affter food at least)

2. Anything with morphine/codeine in it will slow down the gut n help. this works by acting on opiod receptors in the gut.  For the short term.  Can you still buy kaolin & morphine over the counter?

3. Take them when yr sure you'll be indoors.  The timing on Atripla is very forgiving, stretching a dose so yr at home will be fine.

Long-term, splitting the Atripla into its component parts may help, eg taking Truvada with some food n the Sustiva later on an empty stomach, may help.

This is an unusual reaction to Atripla, and suggests considering (a) a non-drug cause (b) other meds, if it don't clear up.

Please don't skip a dose this soon into the combo if possible. They do most of their work in the first month.


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I have a great idea .  When you go to NYC Carry a bucket with you and a roll of toilet paper and go when the need arises. LOL  I am sorry I had to say it anyway, a few years back I had the same problem with a different med, I do not remember which one it was but I can really sympathize with you.  I do not tell this story to everyone but I will.  I was at a Rite Aid right down the street from where I live and lo and behold the cramping started.  I was with my partner and she was still shopping, and of coarse they do not have a public rest room.  Well I high tail it out of there get to my apartment within minutes, I get out of the car, and here it is shit running down my leg leaving a trail from my car to the apartment.  I was modified.  First I had to clean myself up , than I had to go out and clean the trail of shit off the street.  But anyhow I would do what do what newt advised.  Load up on the Imodium.  Bucket thing hopefully you got a laugh out of that.  On a serious note have a nice weekend and I hope you do not have any embarrassing moments.  Good Luck.


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