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New Private Message (PM) Policy - please read!


POZ Forum Moderators:
From time to time, we hear reports here in the forums of people being sent abusive PMs, or have felt that PMs have been used to launch personal attacks or other forms of PM misuse.

While we have long had a policy of removing the PM privileges of people who are doing these things, we have been reluctant to do it as up until now, it has been a permanent removal.

Not any more.

Starting today, we have implemented a system of PM Time Outs. They are similar to the general Time Outs in every respect but one - they will only apply to your ability to send and receive PMs. 

You can read the new policy in its entirety by going to the PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM) POLICY post in the main Welcome Thread.

We will take vague complaints about abusive PMs in various threads in the public forums with a pinch of salt. We can and will only act on complaints made through the appropriate channels, as explained in the new policy post.

As always, thank you for your cooperation,
The AIDSmeds Forum Moderators


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