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Does having a purpose in life matter?

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Basquo I'll send you a PM about Aug. 31. It's less than a page. HIV is part of the tale. it would be nice if you PM me back with any hypotheses. my mind is still boggled roughly a year later

For Aug 24-25 I have to edit because it's 3 pages and i wanna edit it down to less than 1


I believe we all have a common purpose in this world and that is simply to live and nurture the life our creator has given us whether God or your father it does'nt matter. So whatever one's purpose is, certainly it is not a predetermination but a choice. Therefore if you've found your purpose to be a preacher then that is out of your own choice and feelings. Thus the point is this, there is actually nothing like purpose in life but rather choices that we make on how to live our lives.


Joe K:
I think purpose is a poor choice of word, because it seems to indicate that if you don't have one, then you need to get one.  I don't agree.  I like the words goal or vision.  Such as: My vision of life is to live, love and make a difference.  Semantics, maybe, but it sounds much more meaningful.


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