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my new numbers-guidance sought


hi all,
 my new cd4 no is 720 with 20 % and cd8 is 1830 and cd3 is 2639. the no and %is almost same as about last 6 months back, when i had done my test. there is no improvement despite my intake of vitamin, selenium, herbal supplements and breathing exercise.iam on combivir and effervinz. I would like to have guidance on this along with relevance of cd3 nos in whole gamut of things with respect to hiv.

Since your CD4 count is well within normal range (500-1,500) you are unlikely to see much improvement in the short term, if at all. 

The CD3 count represents the total number of T-type lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, and includes CD4 & CD8 cells.

- matt


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