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Getting My Little Convertible Back...


After David died and I was hospitalized I was forced to sell the little white convertible that he and I
loved so much....I sold it to his Aunt and tonight she has offered to sell it back to me.  I didn't even
think twice......I said YES!  It's going to be so COOL tooling around in our little white Metro again.

It's going to look real funny next to my new Chrysler 300 but who cares...  I loved that car and so
did David.  We had some great times in that car and I'm tickled pink to get it back. :P

Happy driving mister!  I hope the weather is perfect when you take her out for a spin.

WOO HOO! please tell me it has a roll bar!

David its an amazing ride - is it not?   ;)

No disrespect, but is a Geo Metro even a car? I can't imagine the cowl shake in a convertible one! Please be safe!


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