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The condiment thread

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Ill skip over the many varities of hot sauce that I use because that would need its own Thread.
The weirdest condiment I use is something called Bananna Ketchup that I got on St. Marteen where one of their main industries is Bananna Farming. Its yellow, a bit thicker than mustard and flavored very similar to a mild Curry and only slightly bananna- like in taste....
Its interisting on chips when I want to get Carribean.

Two others that are a tad unusual are Black Bean Sauce, an oriental sauce made with pureed black beans, soysauce, plenty of Garlic and chilis and in some cases anchoviies ( I dont ust the variety with anchovies)  I recently had some black beans, with black bean sauce on them.  :o  otherwise I put it on shrimp.

And, a BBQ sauce I made with Tamarind, Allspice, Habanero, and Nutmeg( think Sour,Sweet and Hot all at once)  for Jerk Chicken, but I like to dunk cheese in it for a snack

I also LOVE that Chili Garlic sauce that has the Rooster on the bottle , it looks Oriental, but its actually made in California. Its great on Eggs.   

Now if you want to get started on Hot sauces......

Matty the Damned:
HP Sauce. The one and only.


Oh Ya, as for the Mayonaise on fries Its actually pretty good if you use a good quality mayo, and Im not just saying that because I like Pulp Fiction... I once worked with a guy that would order his hotdogs with mayonaise and chili.
They always thought it was a joke when he'd order them.  Man, I just couldn't get past the visual.....

The Canuck:
My favorite condiments for fries depending of my mood of the day would be with Ketchup, mayo or vinegar ( I didn't mean to use all three at once but only one ) and with pork chops by example I prefer fruit ketchup.

I would eat HP sauce with some meat but not always and depending also of my tasty mood of the day.

Speaking of hot dogs, sometimes I would put inside the bread some cheddar cheese ( same used for grilled cheese ) and then grilled the bread, afterwards you put a few slices of bacon and relish. This is pretty good.

Oh Bailey, in Denmark they seem to be crazy about eating their fries with garlic mayo. One day we went to a McDo over there and asked for mayo, well I got the garlic one. I asked if they had standard mayo and they didn't.

Bon appétit  :-X

The Canuck

I love Heinz 57 on just about anything you can think of, and I could probably drink it as a beverage....

I sometimes put it on frozen pizza.


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