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The condiment thread

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Damn you Tim...must I follow you all over the forums dispelling the myth that would be Vegemite. You know how the kids around here succumb so easily to peer pressure. I refuse to sit idly by while you peddle this pusher. Just remember what Nancy Reagan said kids, "Just Say NO To Yeast Extract"!

Hal :-X


--- Quote from: aztecan on June 08, 2006, 10:00:14 AM ---I just remember the sauce served in parts of Utah. It is mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup.

It is a hideous pink, but tastes strangely OK on fries. I think it is a Mormon thing and not available everywhere, just in a certain section of Utah.

--- End quote ---

yeah hideous - i'll bet it was ...sounds trashy.

brown sauce!

Must be a british thing- very spicy and pickly, where I live it goes on all the chips and fish and stuff, and bacon butties- yum!

But then again, Im not a veggie so I dont eat fish or bacon  :-[

home Fries have to be with real wine vinegar and tomatoe ketchup - mayo can do too,

Mustard or Bronson pickle on steak

Mint sauce on lamb

Apple sauce with pork

extra virgin oil - balsamic vinegar for salads

Where's the spice??

Salsa or Tabasco on just about everything.... esp. scrambled eggs and potatoes.

Oh, and ranch dressing with french fries (chips).


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