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LINKs TO STOP White House from blocking ONLINE PHARMACIES

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Thanks for the heads up about this Nate. ;) I will definitely pass this info and link around to the advocacy group I lead and to the peeps at my ASO.

I was the 5th person in South Carolina to send letters.

I rewrote parts of that letter - replacing the word "Czar" with the correct title of "Coordinator"; and specifically mentioning HIV antiretrovirals, the need for these life-saving medications daily, and the high cost of these medications in the States.

And just a tiny gripe :) - I hate forms that require title prefixes. Anytime I get called "Mr. Bivens" I politely explain that I don't even know how to answer to that and that I'm "Mikie", or "Michael" if they really feel the need to be formal. LOL After nearly 20 yrs online, I'm much more likely to answer to "leatherman" before "Mr. Bivens"  :D

23rd person from Tx to send. Come on Texans!!

The Pharmacy checker link took me about 25 seconds to send the letters  ;)


Jeff G:
I just sent it , what a convenient link , thanks .

a friend ordered Cipla's Viraday for about $200 a month to start treatment when he could not otherwise access meds.  The ability to do this is a lifesaver.  Everyone on aidsmeds forums should support this.

I just sent a letter also. 

It's a shame though that there are so many charlatans out there purporting to sell meds that may not be the real thing.  I'm not sure what the answer is, but my friend did use to research his site, and got the real thing.

Thanks for all your help guys!!!

Keep spreading the word...

Special thanks to you Ann for helping keep me at the top of the post and merging my posts...I have no clue what I'm doing or how to get this ball rolling...

...but I'm sure as hell not going to let the pharmaceuticals raise their prices on our meds and then eliminate the competition to their monopoly, and leave us to die after they pilfer all the money out of our wallets and we are useless to them anymore!!!

I dont know what I would have done without and  They have been life savers to me when I had no place else to turn!!!

But what I've come to realize that is even scarier in all of this is that the U.S. govt yells at Iran and China for blocking the internet, and now these assholes are doing the same thing to us!   :o  Our gov't is deciding what we are allowed to look at for our own good!!!  I dont trust any of those Bastards to know what is good for me, cuz they dont care about me.

I remember last November when I heard on NPR (National Public Radio) the Justice Dept. shut down those fake handbag sites and I got scared, because I figured if they could take an unprecedented step of shutting down the internet on people selling purses, I figured it would only be a matter of time until they expanded on this power and came after my hiv meds!!  SCARY STUFF PEOPLE !!!

I guess the pharmaceuticals figured the same thing out as well.  the FDA wouldnt stop online pharmacies for pharma, then they went to India to the Supreme Court to try to stop generics and the Indian Supreme Court wouldnt shut down the generics manufacuterers for patent violations because pharma was charging such outrageous prices.  So logically the next step in their evil sick twisted plan on world domination is to quietly go to the White House and use big $$$ campaign contributions and shut down IP addresses , steal the companies domain names, and block our rights to access the internet.  >:(


Of course the easiest way to fix this problem is just lower the prices on their drugs!!!  But I guess they're not concerned with the obvious!!!!

These execs need to have their faces placed in dictionaries for examples next to the entry for the word "EVIL"

Thanks for your help guys...and keep spreading the word!!!  :)


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