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LINKs TO STOP White House from blocking ONLINE PHARMACIES

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Just Sent it -- And while it was easy -- I did notice what I think is a slight glitch --
It picked out the wrong member of the New York Congressional Delegation based
on my zip code --

No harm can always send an individual email to the correct one ---

71st Californian to send it.

I didn't know about this bill until now.  But I could sense an undercover media campaign seemed to be arising again to stop foreign meds.  Last time we had this amount of media coverage was right before Part D passed. 

In the past few months, there was a 60 Minutes segment on the horrors of counterfeit meds along with many articles popping up in the popular press.  This is how the "undercover" campaign starts. 

My guess is there is a fear that the lack of revenues for state governments to pay for Medicaid and programs like ADAP, will once again cause state officials to begin looking at foreign pharamcies as a way to lower costs. 

This isn't about you or I.  It is part of something much bigger.  If this bill passes, the thought process is that states will be forced to raise taxes or shift other funds, to pay for meds.  Those of us using foreign pharmacies are just collateral damage, sacrificial pawns in the chess game.

13th person in Oregon to sign...

Thanks for getting the word out.



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