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LINKs TO STOP White House from blocking ONLINE PHARMACIES

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If this does ever go through. Anyone in the U.K or another non-U.S country willing to buy my meds for me online there and then ship them to me?? We should set up a group to bypass the online shops if it goes through.

I was the first to sign in New Mexico.

I saw this first hand the other day. Someone I know was paying $454 a month in copays for Atripla, now he pays $510.

Insane. The greed is just disgusting.



I already have high co-pays for non-HIV/AIDS Meds    DONE 

I'm the 2nd person in the State Of New Mexico

I'm thinking about ordering generic Truvada and Viramune from a Canadian pharmacy. Has anyone had experience doing this. My new insurance does not cover these drugs. Thanks,

Hi wm, welcome to the forums.

There are loads of threads on generic hiv meds. Check out the Treatments and Side Effects Forum and you'll find plenty of information.

The general consensus is that the generics are every bit as effective as the name-brands. Cipla is one company that makes generics and they have a very good reputation and their products are widely in use in Asian countries, with good success. 


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