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VirusLoad, Fasting & You


Can anyone tell me why they want to do Blood Test with an empty stomach? As far as I understand, fasting or not does NOT affect factors such as CD4 or Virus Load; those are the only impt figures?  I had one in Easter (fasted) & the result was similar with the one before.

I was in the hospital having Hospital Puke for months so I can't stand not being able to eat properly.  Pls can you convince me actually fasting before a blood test in future? 

The empty somach (or more importantly, no food inc. sugar in coffee etc) before bloods is so they get a fasting cholesterol level (more informative), and a fasting glucose level (important for detection of diabetes perhaps).  However, I just can't do it, I can't function am without 1 litre of coffee n six sugars, n often can only get to clinic pm.  So it's not that important. It's certainly don't affect viral load or CD count.

- matt

Hello Nick,

Just going along with Matt. My doctor tells me to fast because he checks my blood sugar/ cholesterol, at every blood test, every three months. I have had problems with those numbers.


Thank you both; exactly what i thought.  I never have a blood test right after a heavy meal anyway.  My thinking is i will just give them what my blood contains 'normally' & not just sth 'artifical'.  I really don't give a monkey 'bout all those figures as long as my VL = <50.

Hi Nick,
I would talk to the doctor about the fasting problem. The cholesterol and the blood sugar level can be affected by some of the meds. Perhaps on the appointment day you could take an anti-nausea pill in the am, then get to the doctor as soon as possible to have your blood drawn, and take something to eat with you right after the blood draw.

I always take a sandwhich along to eat after the fasting blood draw. I eat it right in the office.


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