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Update on $ Balance in ZEPHYR FOUNDATION

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Hello to my Forums Family!

I'm proud to announce that my travel fund for the NIH sits at $375.26 as of today!!

Thanks to the kind donations of 6 of our forums members, my little Zephyr Foundation will meet my expenses while I visit the NIH for the second time, in 11 DAYS!!

I wish to thank each person who donated to my fund, your continued support and well-wishes mean everything to me!!

With love,


I'm glad your passage is secured.
It is with all hope, that the data you are able to provide will be of consequence to our mutual future.
A toast to you.....<insert glass of wine here>

Thank you is my wish too, honey!


Zeph (who adores our Lisa :-*)

Hello again,

Much to my delighted surprise, another gracious member has donated $100.00 to my travel fund!!

So, it's with hands clasped and a smile on my face, the fund balance sits at $475.26.

My need has been met, my family...please, it's quite good where it is!!

In gratitude,


water duck:
Dear Zephyr,

So sorry i missed this, so very glad that your expenses & trip is financially secured.
.............$475.26..........that's great, impressive.............My need has been met *************BUT NOT ENOUGH**************if u need to extend a helping hand to your brother Paul !! (So so sorry to bring u back to earth, big sister).

From your brother in this AM family who calls himself water duck , who is extending his fingers & toes to count the days with you  ;D


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