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Is there ANY chance of getting hiv from french kissing or sharing a glass?


8 days ago I french kissed an hiv positive man for 2 hours. His mouth looked normal and I dont think I had any open wounds in my mouth.
Also he gave me his water to drink from his glass and I drank it.

When I told my friends and asked on other message boards they all say "oh, why did you do that? Oh well get tested to relax your fears", as if I put myself at risk.
When I was doing it in my head I thought it was totally safe, but hearing peoples reactions makes me think there is a risk there.

Also Ive started to have diarrhea this week.
I'm planning on taking the PCR DNA text in 3 weeks because I want to know.
Is that too soon, or would my body show the presence of a virus within 4 weeks?

Thank you so much

Andy Velez:
You do not need to take a PCR. What you do need to do is read the lesson on this site about HIV transmission. There's a link to it in the first thread in this section.

Neither of the activities you are concerned about are risks for HIV transmission. Seriously. No kidding.

But ignorance about HIV IS a serious risk. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come so  you need to become better informed now.

There is no need for testing in relation to these recent incidents. Period.



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