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What to substitute for Videx EC?

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Well, for now I'm sticking with the Videx EC.  I didn't see a great improvement in things after being on it for 21 days.  VL dropped from 606 to 414 but the CD4s also dropped from 640 to 576 and the % went down from 22% ato 18%.  But I'm told that with being on meds for 17 days, then off for 22 days, then back on, that 3 weeks isn't enough time to really expect a big change.  I'm still having some pain, mainly in the legs, ankles, and feet.  They are not swollen, but they just feel tight and aching.  Sometimes I get the burning and pins and needles feeling.  But at least this is so much better than when I was on the Epzicom.  And maybe things would have resolved with the Epzicom too, but I was in horrible pain with it.  This is at least tolerable for the short term. I hope I don't have to live like this.  But I can at least sleep though the night and the pain doesn't wake me up.  I was only getting a couple hours of sleep a night before.

My biggest concern is the connection between Videx and pancreatitus and perpherial neuropathy.  But I guess I'll stick with it for now.  I have lost a bit of confidence in my doctor. I'm in a study and sometimes I wonder if he is more interested in the study than in me.  That's why I now have a "second opinon" doctor that I'm bouncing things off of.

Thanks for the input!


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