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My partner takes great interest in football.  Well, not just ANY football team but specifically the Eagles, which is Philly's team.  He is now watching the game and jumping out of his chair and screaming and clapping his hands and talking back to the screen.  I find it a bit unnerving just to listen to HIM, much less even watch the game . Anyone else in a football discordant relationship? What do you do when the game is on???

I am quite fortunate in this sense 'cause I married a guy even more passionate for football (soccer) than myself!  We even go to the stadium sometimes to see our team play.  My baby is really crazy about it!
It is funny to think that I had a friend whose husband was nuts about golf,  while she just hated the sport. I remember quite well giving her several advices in this sense, since she was very much afraid of losing him.  During the week ends, for example, they would not see each other!  He would play golf and she would go out with friends. Unfortunately, she did not change her mind about golf and, ultimately, her husband left her and married a woman golf player...!
But, I agree that it is not an easy situation when both persons don't have the same degree of passion for any given thing/sport.



--- Quote from: Val on September 10, 2006, 03:40:47 PM ---Unfortunately, she did not change her mind about golf and, ultimately, her husband left her and married a woman golf player...!

--- End quote ---

oh - that sucks...  :-[

bear60: I was in a baseball discordant relationship. I would watch and cheer then-bf would tolerate it pretty well and sometimes he would watch (but most of the time no)  ..... did you ever try to watch games with him or is that completely unbearable? ??? (on a separate note, in 17 years of observation, i've noticed an astonishing number of gay men do not play sports or *even watch* sports)

I'm in a basketball/baseball discordant relationship.  I get into watching the games.  My other half couldn't care less, and would much rather watch FoodTV.  We compromise and watch something else when we're together, unless my beloved TarHeels are playing.  For those games there is a second TV in the bedroom.

Well, I am happy to say that we have two TVs and two cable boxes so he can watch his stuff and I can watch mine......he is also a TRECKIE and I have learned to LOVE Star Treck : all of them including Stargate and Stargate Atlantis.
Its just the football where we have a discordant issue.


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