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BostonWorriedGuy: here's my question for right now for you all.  I don't think I have any symptoms of ARS or anything really, nor do I believe I've done anything too risky to contract HIV (in retrospect.)  But I'm going to the doctor's office this Monday to have her do a full STD panel since I've been kind of morally loose recently and think I have the herpes in my throat/mouth as a result (although it could just be hsv-1 since I've never had a cold sore before.)  So, I read in the Boston globe or something that soon the state of Massachusetts is going to require clinics (even the confidential ones) to report who has tested hiv positive to them...who knows what for.  So, I guess my question is, even though I fully 100% expect it to come up negative, would it be that horrible if I told her that I don't want a hiv test included in the panel and go to the anonymous clinic that does an orasure test and doesn't ask names since I'm leaving the state in a year or so and don't really want to be on the MA hiv register should I be incorrect about my status?  I mean, who knows that they want that list for, and if I'm not going to live here then why should they know? 

I'm planning on going to the confidential place in a few weeks for a 6 week test anyway, it's just this throat thing came up and I thought I got rid of it with antibiotics, but it just spread to my mouth and presented as primary herpetic gingivostomatitis.  Then, I read a case study of hsv-2 presenting in a 24 yo female that had unprotected oral sex with a stranger 13 days before getting a severe sore throat with exudative tonsillitis and a fever of 99.8, that moved into the oral cavity after about a week and a half and presented as herpetic gingivostomatitis.  Her case presented as close to mine as possible, so it sounds like that's what it is.  And as for those who would say not to self-diagnose based off the internet--I've diagnosed several people with primary herpetic gingivostomatitis and as soon as the leisons manifested in my mucobuccal fold and soft palate I was sure that's what it was.

Andy Velez:
Boston, I think you're mixing a few things together here. First of all, you're kinda vague when you say you haven't done anything too risky, whatever that means. Have you had unprotected intercourse? That's the bottom line as far risky sex and HIV is concerned. If the answer is yes, then you need to be tested and the CDC recommends doing that at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident.

If you have not had unprotected intercourse, then in all likelihood you don't need to test for HIV.

If a law is passed in Massachusetts it would not go into effect retroactively so I don't see a cause for concern if you were to have an HIV test right now.

Please clarify if I am missing something here.


OK...I know I have had a risk, and that I need to be tested, but I believe the test will be negative due to the nature of the risk.  I was with a guy a few weeks ago, and one thing led to another and we ended up having sex.   I was quite clear on where I stood on using condoms (they're a must) and the guy said OK.  So, we were going at it for a few minutes and I knew he was wearing a condom, then he asked me to change positions, so I did, then apparently while he was pulled out of me he took the condom off.  He re-inserted himself and after about 15 seconds I looked over and saw the condom sitting on the bed (I didn't know he took it off.)  I kind of bucked him off of me and started screaming at him asking him what was wrong with him, how long he hadn't been wearing it, etc.  He said that he took it off a few seconds before and that it was too tight or something.  I kept yelling at him, and ended up leaving.  Oh and he claimed to be negative, which of course means nothing. I know I need to be tested, and I know that there is risk involved in that.  I don't think that I will test positive based on statistics, but I'm getting tested since it's needed, but isn't the proper testing period 6 weeks in Massachusetts (according to Dr. Bob at  I have a friend that's an MD with a MPH in hiv/aids and he said that nothing that's been going on would suggest ARS to him, and that he wouldn't really worry about the incident and just to get tested when it's time and that he would be really surprised if it came back positive.  I ALWAYS use condoms, and thought I was this time...if that guy would have told me he was taking it off I would have been gone.  The oral herpes doesn't necessarily mean that I got it from oral sex either, it could just be from kissing someone.  I'll just have to be sure not to spread it, which I'm hoping hasn't already happened.

Matty the Damned:
Yes, I believe the State of MA has a 6 week window period. Given that it appears you had unprotected anal intercourse you should test at the appropriate point. Here at AIDSMEDS we go with the 12-13 week limit, but you should follow the advice of the medical authorities where you live.


I'll be really mad if I'm positive...not that it will help.  I know I should have been more attentive, but that b*stard shouldn't have done that in the first place. 


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