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finding support from my age group

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Howdy everyone,

I've been feeling kind of down lately about myself and this has rehashed the thought that I should try to find a support group (mostly spurred on by my parents). I don't disagree. However, I am desperately trying to find people who are closer to my age and position in life. I'm 19 (soon to be twenty in a week), gay and I've known of my status for what is soon to be a year. (Not exactly the birthday present I wanted...but thats another story)

I'm not trying to age discriminate and I've had discussions with incredibly helpful and friendly people over 25 but it's hard to share and experience, treatment, emotional effects and the awkwardness of this all at my age.

I'm afraid I cannot do this alone anymore. Right now I really do feel like I am stuck in some odd stage in life where I can't identify well with people my age or people older than me either.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Get out of my head. lol

It's not age discrimination at all. I think most people understand that stuff is different when you're younger. Like - with pretty much EVERYTHING. I've noticed it a lot. I am really close to a lot of people from this forum but they're all obviously a lot older than I am (I'll be 16 at the end of October). And while there is seriously a lot of stuff I can relate to them about there is just as much (or, maybe even more) that I can't. It's the same thing but in an entirely different situation and it's tough to compare. So, I totally understand. It sucks.

I wouldn't know anywhere else to tell you to go, but there are definitely people here (me included!) that get where you're coming from.

I'm so sorry you are in the place you are right now.  I can understand how you want to find a group of people your own age.  It's natural!

Check with your local ASO to see if they offer anything for Young Adults.  I know here, I can look up the county website and search for HIV on their site, it will give me a list of organizations to contact.  So, perhaps your local health department?

Good luck, and don't feel a stranger coming here.  Many will open their arms to you... including myself!

Be well.


Welcome man!!! I am 25. And I understand you... But you know what? We are a very nice family here...I mean, I have spoken to people much older than me, and they are great!!!.... A BIG HUG FOR YOU

About creating aplace for young adults...Yep, I guess it's appropiate...



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