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Thanks to everyone who offered support during this difficult time.  They finally realeased him tonight so he is resting in bed at the moment.  He has a pretty nasty open wound on his rear where they drained the infection out.  Because my insurance doesn't cover him, and he has none for medical care, I am responsible for changing the packing in the wound twice a day until it heals.  They showed me how to do it and I nearly passed out.  Taking a pair of tweezers and pulling the old stuff out and repacking it with new.  I have to give him some pretty strong meds just to get him through it.

Thank god he does have HSI, the insurance here in MO that does cover all his meds.  I got to the lone pharmacy around us that has a contract with the state for his meds.  It was closed so I went to Walgreen's to buy just one pill til tomorrow when I can get to his pharmacy and get it filled.  That one pill was almost twenty dollars.  I about passed out but I should have known better from listening to stories on here.

So I will be playing nurse for awhile til this thing heals, and although it is scary, it is far better than what he is going through and I always need to keep that in mind. 

Wish us luck and as always, thanks.

Hello Biggums,

It is good to hear that he his home from the hospital. It is good news that they were able to drain the infection also. Sending wishes for him to heal soon.

Have the BEST Day!

Glad to hear hes home from the hospital. Hope his wound heals fast. Just dont forget to take care of yourself also.


I'll tell makes you appreciate those nurses who do this dressing change thing all the time.  I had some experience with it  and it was definately something you have to practice a bit before you get good at it.

I had to do that for an abcess I had excised last winter.  It is gross.  I changed mine myself, but it was where I could reach it. Just be sure to wet the old packing real good with sterile water and let it sit for a few minutes before removing it.    That lets any clotted blood around the outside soften up so it is more comfortable when you pull it out.  Not so important now, since it's probably quite moist on it's own, but as it heals it will tend to dry out around the edges and will hurt when you tug on it.


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