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Iran's HIV research?

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i just heard of this news on a radio broadcast that isnt sure what to make of this? could this really be true? the radio personal were talking about the politicians in iran getting this news out to the rest of the world.keep all eyes on this one!

I am very curious about the announcement that the Iranian Government is supposed to make soon (hopefully) about this "miraculous medicine."  And although I still remain skeptical about the whole thing, I also have some reasons to believe that Iranians scientists are more than capable of creating great things. 
Let us keep in mind that Persia has a long history in the field of Science and Technology!  It was, after all, the cradle of Science during earlier times. How many people know that Persia founded Algebra, invented Wind-power Machine and discovered Alcohol?
Iranian scientists, today, make for a significant portion of the International Scientific community.  France, for example, is one of the places where they come to get an education.  In the United States, in the city of Carlson (Nevada), we have "Tehrangeles" which is by far the largest Iranian diaspora in the world!
In addition, Iranian scientists have proved in the past how skilled they can be.  For example, in 1960, Ali Javan invented the first gas laser! In 1973, fuzzy set theory has been developed by Lofti Zadeh. Artificial heart was invented by Iranian Cardiologist Tofy Mussivand!  Also, HbA1c was discovered by Samuel Rahbar and introduced to the medical community...
Vafa-Witten theorem was proposed by Cumrun Vafa, Iranian string theorist and his co-worker Edward Witten.  KPZ Equation has been named after Mehran Kardar, notable Iranian physicist.
Recently, we have  had also some representative discoveries and innovations by Iranian scientists throughout the world. Take, for example, Karin Nayernia.  He discovered the Spermatozonial stem cells.  Resa Ghadiri, in 1998, won The Feynnan Prize for the invention of a self-organized replicating molecular system!  And Mehdi Vaez invented the Shear Force Microcospy!
Hopefully, what they are announcing about this new molecule will be some kind of revolution in the scientificl world. Anyway, I do cross my fingers hoping for the best!


if this is true we must stay on this progress.

I hope with all my being that there is some truth to this, but I can't help but believe every newspaper and radio show would be buzzing if this were the truth. I remain skeptical but hopeful.


Just as I am skeptical of the claims made in China's People's Daily, I am skeptical of what looks to be an announcement by Iran's state-controlled media.  Obviously, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we will have to wait until the announcement is made and the research is subjected to peer review. 

That said, I honestly don't care where progress comes from, be it from the People's Republic of China or the Islamic Republic of Iran.  If the mullahs have a drug that will stop the progress of this disease, then I will thank them.


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