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Iran's HIV research?

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Hi, I picked this up at Lilachat, someone posted this ( Has anyone heard of this before?:

Iran's Health Minister to unveil breakthrough in AIDS cure 

Tehran, Sept 5, IRNA-Iran's Minister of Health and Medical Education Kamran Baqeri Lankarani will unveil a breakthrough achieved by Iranian scientists to cure the deadly epidemic of AIDS later in the day.

According to Health Ministry officials, Iranian scientists have invented a formula to control symptoms of AIDS.

"The research studies to find out a formula to cure AIDS was initiated during the tenure of two former health ministers and have led to useful results," a health official said.

Former minister of health and medical education Mohammad Farhadi who served as executive director of the project for 'a formula for reinvigorating the immunity system of the body' told IRNA that the project led to the discovery of a formula to control symptoms of AIDS and some other virus-oriented infections.

"A new theory was sponsored in the past five years to invent a formula with herbal and chemical materials to help treat patients who are suffering from weak immunity system.

An extensive team comprised of scientists and researchers were designated to conduct research studies on the subject.

"The theory was to determine whether or not it is possible to boost the immunity system of the body. Some 60 projects were initiated to attain the result," Dr. Farhadi said.

"At last the scientists found out a formula and then experimental works were carried out on animals at the laboratory to determine the effects of the formula."

Dr. Farhadi said that the Ministry of Health and Medical Education granted permission for clinical application of the formula on the patients afterwards.

He said that this is the first time that Iran has invented the formula and will register it with the respective international forum.

Hi J220, i posted that link, an these are the other two links in the same thread.

It would be a great thing but i do not believe it.


Control symptoms? Cure? There seems to be a lot of contradiction here...Is it a nuclear cure? All HIV+ people exposed to a nuclear explosion and AIDS is over!

they probably mean the complications (AIDS) as a result of HIV are controlled/cured but the virus still remains in the body.

if this was done in another country, say US, it would make sense - right?


I really think that we should not be Sceptical about the Iranians… this is a real developed country & they have high levels of education… their health system is also advanced

Iran has a real problem with HIV / Aids, as there are many infections occurring there through drugs injections. That’s why the country health system is looking seriously into finding a cure / control of this virus.

For me, weather this control / cure in the future is coming from US or Iran, it doesn’t matter…
After all we are all humans, & we are all equal once we are sick!

Historical information give credibility to Muslims in the medical fields… maybe they can prove that again this century.. I hope!


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