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This is SO cool!!

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Unless you live next door and it is 4 in the morning. Actually saw a show on this and the guy has a a private radio and headphones so not to make unnessecary noise.

I thought that this person just had this music "BOOMING" from his house, with his Christmas lights sybchronized to it.
Thanks for clearing that up for me ;D
Now that I think about it, I guess that WOULD actually be quite annoying for him and his


Hello Kelly,

However the guy had it set-up, it was pretty interesting. I enjoyed it !! Would have love to seen how he set up the light show and music for all this, it had to had gone through some soort of  processor or computer to make everything in sync... Just like on the 4th of JUly when they synchronize the fireworks to the music.

Very nice------Ray

Thanks for the post. I've seen bits and pieces of this on the news but never the whole show.

As to how it might have (and probably was) done, I once seen a procedure for turning your PC's printer port into a device controller. It had the printer port pins each labeled to their use and voltage and all that. And a HOW-TO to make a circuit to control switches via the printer port via a simple program. All you had to do instruct a music file on the pc to play along also. It could be timed together and the music could be stopped, paused and fully controlled by the same program running the switches and lights.

I cant remember the details but actually it was or look pretty simple if you could get to the pins of your printer port, get the parts and make the simple control circuit. A basic knowledge of electronics and how to solder wires was needed but it was all explained pretty simple.

I came across it when my other half built a gazebo out back and I suddenly thought "Disneyland tikki room". I was going to make something with mini spot lights and music to make our own tikki room gazebo, but the Summer went by and I never did.

Now I'll have to search for that site again with the how-to directions.

Basically, a simple program you could write (in DOS I think it was), controlled the output pins of the printer port. They could be used or wired up to control many on-off relays. And queue up wav music files to play in sync.

I dont know how this guy (or gal) did theirs, but I would have also had a short range FM transmitter and play the music thru a tunable station on a regular car FM radio station.


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