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I have a few things to clarify, so I can stop worrying hopefully and get on with my studies.
On holiday, I tripped in a toilet cubicle and my penis tip touched against the wall partition. And the day after I tripped again and it touched against the sink, below the rim. These aren't risks are they???

Also, when with my partner about 3 weeks ago, I performed cunnilingus on her. On the day I did it, she was due to start her period. Part way through the 3 minuteish act, she told me she might be menstruating and we immediately stopped and checked, and indeed, there was a little blood on the towel that she checked with. I'm not over worrying about this, as posts in THIS forum have helped me put it behind me. I just would like telling :)

Also in the same day, we performed frottage??? (genital to genital rubbbing?) whilst there was SOME wetness, but not overly wet, because we probably needed SOME wetness for it to be nice feeling. :)
I'm not THAT worried over this either, but would like clarification also.

The thing i am a bit worried over is the fact that, because that encounter was the first of our lifes, ( althogh we HAVE HAD NO SEX BEFORE OF ANY KIND, HAVE HAD NO PARTNER BEFORE, WE HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS other than alocohol, neither has SHE had any peircings etc etc, {I had an ear piercing but this was done EXTREMELY PROFESSIONALLY at a well known place}), we decided to see if my penis would fit inside her, so for future reference we knew what we were up against. We couldnt manage it, because of our novice'ness' at it, it kept slipping out, we couldnt get the right place most of the time, and even when we thouht we did, it could have only gone in a MINISCULE amount anyway. We stopped because she did complain that it hurt a lot. So we gave up.
If we were to assume my partner was hiv+, would these activites described be of any risk at all, considering that we did not penetrate like you would in normal sex, like i said, it probably went not very far at all IF that?

Thankyou so much. Dave.

By the way, all acts that day were not protected.

Read the "Welcome" thread before you post again. Make sure you follow and read all the links.

I have indeed read the welcome thread it was the first thing I did before posting.

I just don't feel it answered my post enough for me to stop the worries :S

If someone just put me on my merry way I will happily thank them and leave... :)


Andy Velez:
The only thing which presented any risk for HIV in what you have written is the brief (and apparently unsuccessful) effort at intercourse. Technically if you inserted yourself at any point without a condom on you were putting yourself (and your partner) at risk.

Of course you say both of you are/were virgins so you are assuming HIV would not be an issue.

If you are reporting accurately on all counts then there was no risk. But if there is any doubt about her HIV status, and only you can decide about that, then you should get tested at 13 weeks past the most recent unprotected incident.

You can explore and experiment as much as you like. Just make sure that if you are having intercourse, no matter whom it is with, that you always wear a latex condom. No exceptions. Period. Only those partners who have decided to have a securely monogamous relationship and when both partners test negative for HIV together, can safely decide to dispense with using condoms.

None of your other concerns about various in anyway put you at risk for HIV transmission.



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