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Introduce yourself and meet others part 2

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With your permission Cliff. Thinking of the dial up members I thought a second part could speed up downloading.


Hi everyone  I'm Pete

I kept the screenname I used on the old boards even though I am not so confused but still pretty new :)

Talk to you all soon


A quick Intro about the me and the situation i am in.

Well my names Tony and i currently have a friend who has been diagnosed HIV+. Myself i am going through testing and just got a 6.5 week negative.

Well i am into traveling. Been to Spain, Germany, Holland, USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, France, Tunisia, Morroco, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore. Most of the European countries were to watch Football.

I was born in England and for work i sell mobile phones. Pays ok tho and better than no work at all lol. I love to travel, as i said before, especially to South East Asia. A friend was diagnosed HIV+ and that made no diffrence to me because he is my friend and always will be. Unfortunatly some people didnt take to the news very well and have been funny about it. I asked him about joining up and he said he wasnt sure that he was happy just dealing with his doctor, which is a fair enough comment. After speaking to a moderator i decieded that it would be a good idea to do a quick intro and keep reading and ask questions so that i can help my friend. After he got his news we decided that we would do something together this year and so we booked a holiday back to Thailand and then head into Cambodia. Next year we plan to visit China.

Im hoping that learning on here and asking questions and doing a lot of reading i can be of more use to my friend than what i am now.

Someone said that one of the best wepons you can have is knowledge and that is so true. So for me learning here i can be more help

Well sorry the intro is all muddled a bit but i was writing my thoughts and feelings as i went along and sometimes they come out a bit jumbled.

Well thanks for reading and look forward to making some new friends

Tony (muppet) 


POOF it's gone, guess I need to start over ???

Except for lunch I spend the better part of the last seven hours reading through this thread. There are other things I could be doing but I find myself riveted to everyone's responses, touching to say the least!  You might ask yourself why has it taken him seven hours to read through to threads but before I go into my introduction let me start by saying that I have vision problems due to PML and most copy text into a text to speech program because I have difficulties reading.  It's taken me seven hours but it's definitely been worth it!

So I'm Jeff a 36-year-old gay male living in central Ohio with my partner Jeffrey and our two dogs Judd and Jodi.  In December we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary together.  I've been HIV+ since 1991 when I was 21 years old.  At 22 years old my first partner died from AIDS related lymphoma.

As a child I was sexually abused by an older brother, my parents divorced when I was three, and my high school days I grew up in a home with an alcoholic stepfather.  I was accepted to Ohio Northern University to the school of pharmacy but my stepfather would only help with tuition if I were to attend OSU.  So I decided to go to OSU but to study early childhood development in hopes to open a day care were teach kindergarten through third grade. At the start of my sophomore year I told my parents I was gay and my parents stopped paying my tuition.  I'll never forget my mother telling me that no parent would want their child taught by a gay man.  So I dropped out of school and worked at a restaurant.  For the last 15 years I've worked for Discover Card.  I started in collections and worked my way up with no degree to a management level position in HR handling disability claims for employees in our Phoenix location.  That was until about a year ago when I began to notice problems with my vision.  After seeing an ophthalmologist and having an MRI I was diagnosed with PML.  I had been HIV+ for 15 years at that time had lost many friends to AIDS including a lover but up until then had no idea what PML was.  I turned to the Internet and found no current information and from what I did find I thought I would be dead in a year.  So in a year I was told I was blind left of center which basically means I have no peripheral vision my left.  In that first year I also quickly began to lose coordination on my left side.  I could no longer walk and quickly found myself homebound in a wheelchair or in the bed.  I get started on new meds that quickly attacked the HIV which in turn slow down the progression of the PML. With only one setback, seizures related to the PML, I've had an incredible turnaround.  I'm walking again with the brace and a cane and then beginning to regain use of my left hand and arm.  I still have a long way to go but I have hope and faith that once again I will beat HIV and returned to work someday.  I say that because about 12 years ago I was also out of work and on disability because of AIDS-related complications primarily weight-loss,thrush, molluscum and depression.  I beat it once and they do believe I will beat it again.

Just other interesting side note before my first go around on disability I took a leave of absence from discover card and worked two seasons on the Sea Spirit a boat owned and operated by RSVP.  It was the gay Love Boat :)

Until my recent PML diagnosis I had also Did many years of volunteer work with the Ohio AIDS coalition.  Over the years I have received two Spirit of Healing Awards from OAC.  I was nominated for the first award when I returned to full-time work after my go around on disability when most people weren't ready yet to go back to work.  I received my second award for my fundraising contributions over the years for the organization.

As I bring this to an end I just like to say that I am so thankful for finding AIDS!  PML has made this last year difficult but I'm lucky to have my husband by my side and supportive family and friends.  So many of you have become just that to me, family and friends!

Take care and don't ever give up hope

Love you all


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